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Updated 07/22/2019

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This work describes who is entitled to receive the training rights, what are the requirements, what are the amounts, the procedure, the body to resolve disputes and the prescription of action in Peruvian Soccer.

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The new regulation

Resolution number 006/2009 is repealed and resolution number 22/2017 of the Peruvian Football Federation is approved.

This right is recognized for clubs that train players between the 12th and 21st birthday seasons inclusive.

The clubs that receive this right are members of the FPF, the professional football sports association (first and second division) and the leagues.

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How the right to training is accredited

The training is credited with the card and / or the sports passport of the player who issues the registration of the FPF transfer and transfer office.

The payment comes when the player signs his first professional contract and all the clubs that formed the player are paid.

In case the previous club does not register the player in official competitions or does not comply with the minimum participation, then, for this club, the training right arises only after the player signs his professional contract and also plays 5 games with the team. main of the new club.

If he does not play all 5 matches in this club (in which he signs his first professional contract), the club will lose the right to future compensation.

When the professional player is transferred to another club or signs a contract with a new club after his previous contract ends, the training fee should only be paid to the immediately previous club.

It corresponds to pay training fees as long as the professional contract or the subsequent ones are concluded until before the end of the season in which the player turns 23 years old.

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Season start and end dates

In Peruvian soccer, the sports season begins on January 1 and ends on December 31 of each year.

It must be paid within 30 days after signing the contract or after participating in the fifth match.

Remember that contracts must be registered with the Peruvian Football Federation.

When the training fee should not be paid

If the requesting club terminated the contract without just cause, or the player was released for lack of payment, or the player resumes the quality of fan or did not play the 5 games in the main team (except injury or just cause), nor should pay training compensation.


Category A. $ 5,000 per year
Category B. $ 1,000 per year
Category C. 500. Dollars per year

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In category A are the following clubs:

Alianza Lima, Sporting Cristal, Sports University, Sports University of San Martín de Porres.

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In category B are:

The other clubs that make up the ADFP (first division).

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In category C are:

The clubs that make up the ADFP-SD (second division) and all the other clubs in the country.

From 12 to 15 years of age the costs are those of category C obligatorily.

Different costs may be established expressly and in writing.

Clubs may also agree to obtain a percentage of a future transfer.


The Law expires two years from the date of the event that gave rise to it.
After the term has expired, the new club must pay the compensation to the FPF.

Payments are not due on loans, only on final transfers.
Neither the player nor his relatives should under any circumstances be responsible for this compensation.

Resolution No. 22 FPF - 2017

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