New job: The collective agreement of the footballers in Spain 04/30/2020

Seminario Internacional sobre la preparación específica del futbolista


Dictado por Fernando Signorini, preparador personal de Diego Maradona y participante de cuatro mundiales de fútbol

Curso de Intermediario FIFA

El presente curso consta de todos los requisitos para obtener la licencia de intermediario de FIFA y todo el material necesario para presentarse en la entrevista, asimismo, te podremos evacuar cualquier tipo de dudas y consultas a través de nuestros profesionales.

Analysis of the FIFA document in relation to COVID-19

Here we analyze the cases of Argentina, Great Britain, Spain, Colombia and Germany

I mean



A- The World Health Organization has characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic, altering Soccer activity worldwide.


B- FIFA maintains that it is the Member Federations that must indicate in due course, when the activity must be resumed in each of the countries, according to what the pertinent national health authorities indicate, taking into account the guiding principle of preservation Of the health.

I mean

C- FIFA defined that the alteration caused by the virus is a case of FORCE MAJEURE.


D- Article 27 of the regulation of the player transfer statute (RETJ) indicates that in cases of force majeure, it is the FIFA Council that makes the decisions definitively.


This work describes who is entitled to receive training rights, what are the requirements, what are the amounts, the procedure, the body to resolve disputes and the prescription of action in Soccer.

New sports law book (In Spanish)

We present to you our new book " Who does FIFA protect when it legislates? " With an exclusive and innovative theme covering the following topics:

  • Solidarity mechanism

  • Training rights in football

  • Economic rights

  • International transfer of minor players

  • How to Litigate in FIFA

Updated 01/20/2020


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